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A roof can exist for many years without requiring any thought on your part, however due to the amount of exposure it receives, a time will come when it will need some attention.

While roof repairs seem more convenient on the pocket, some damages are beyond repair. Constant repairs can end up costing you more in the long run than a complete roof replacement, so it’s best to have your roof inspected by a professional.

Procoll Roofing is your reliable roofing partner offering complete roof replacement for your residential and commercial properties in Melbourne.

With heavy rainfall in Melbourne almost all year round, leaky roofs are a common problem. With this you may also experience rusty sheets, structural problems, clogged roof gutters and drains and broken tiles.

Most of the time, our roofing expert can resolve these issues through roofing repairs. However, in certain instances, roof replacement becomes indispensable. Our highly skilled tradesmen will inspect your roof for all the possible solutions and give you our expert opinion.

Add to the look!

If your newly bought or long loved property lacks aesthetic appeal due to its roof, our team can provide a complete design and roof replacement in Melbourne to lift the feel and look of your prized possession.

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Transparency and Accurate Cost Evaluation

Procoll Roofing firmly believes in accuracy; both in service and price quotation. We do not quote a price before thoroughly inspecting your roof. Our comprehensive policy includes free consultation and assessment by our roofing professionals to determine whether the damaged roof needs a complete replacement or roof restoration will be sufficient for now.

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

A damaged roof can get dangerous when rainwater seeps through the damaged roof, weakening its foundations. You might also be seeing an increase in your energy bill, as a damaged or old roof is not as energy efficient as a new roof. A roof replacement by Procoll Roofing can save you money and the hassle of endless roof repairs, while improving the overall look of your home.

A safe and comfortable living is ensured with a strong and durable roof. We offer unparalleled roofing services around South, East, and North Melbourne. While we have successfully restored countless roofs and resolved common roof problems like leaks, clogged roof gutters, and rusty sheets, our primary focus is to provide an impeccable roofing experience from inspection to completion, with minimal disruption to your life.

A thorough inspection is all it takes to determine the solution for your damaged roof.

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