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Your roof is your protective shield against the elements of nature. In return, a little care and maintenance are all it needs to save you from the hassle of costly repairs and replacement.

Most homeowners believe roof cleaning is a luxury they can only afford with some extra cash in hand, before a party at their place, or when they plan to sell their house. Even though these are pretty sound reasons for getting the roof cleaned, regular cleaning and maintenance add to the durability of your roof along with retaining its visual appeal.

A well-kept home is easily spotted from the outside, with no visible damage to the exterior including its roof. However, time and exposure leave a strong impact on your roof making it appear old and damaged. When you don’t get your roof cleaned and inspected regularly, preventable damage can gradually turn into a permanent structural defect.

Expert roofers at Procoll Roofing are trained to clean all kinds of roof surfaces including Colorbond roofs, concrete roofs, glass, and terracotta tiles. We offer our roof cleaning services all across South, East, and North Melbourne.

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Service that Sets Us Apart

From the countless perks of hiring professional roof cleaners, the most important is that they not only clean your roofs efficiently, but use their expertise to guide you about the overall health of your roof.

The tradesmen at Procoll Roofing provide you with their premium roof cleaning services by transforming your roofs way beyond your expectations. During the process, if we identify any prevailing damage to your roof, we make sure to notify you before it gets any worse. And this inspection is free when you hire us for cleaning your roof.

Friendly and Courteous Staff

Our roof cleaners have years of hands-on experience in roof cleaning for all kinds of commercial and residential roofs. The extremely professional yet courteous staff at Procoll Roofing has helped us maintain our reputation by providing exceptional roof cleaning services in South, East, and North Melbourne.

Safety is Our First Priority

Roof cleaning is not an ordinary job. We come across roofs of high rise buildings and roofs that are not very easy to access. We adhere to strict health and safety guidelines and make sure to put safety before anything else. Our staff comes fully equipped with safety equipment wherever and whenever required. This also means our staff is fully trained to handle challenging situations without having to compromise on anyone’s safety.

We only use eco-friendly and harmless cleaning agents along with commercial-grade power washers for cleaning your roofs without causing any damage to your roofing. With years of experience in the Australian roofing industry, we are well aware of the damage that harmful chemicals cause if they enter your roof guttering system. We promise not to let that happen!

Our Post Roof Cleaning Protocol

Once our tradesmen have completed your roof cleaning task, they will never leave the debris behind for you to remove later that are produced during the cleaning process. After all, what’s the point of professional roof cleaning if you are the one to remove the remains later? We will only leave behind a perfectly cleaned roof that only adds to the value of your property.

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