Downpipe Installation and Repair

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A downpipe carries the water from your roof gutter all the way to the drainage system on the ground. Correctly fitted downpipes ensure your roof remains protected from flooding, overflowing and leak while damaged downpipes will damage your property. If you have water leaking through the downpipes, it eventually seep through the walls and ceilings of your home or commercial property. If you leave the problem unresolved for a long time, you might end up spending thousands of dollars on damage repairs or even re-roofing.

Our expert tradesmen at Procoll Roofing have years of hands-on experience with downpipe installation and repairs for all kinds of commercial and residential roofs. Prior to giving your a quote, our roofing professionals will complete an on-site roof inspection to decide whether your roof’s drainage system needs a new downpipe or a simple repair.

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When does your downpipe need attention?

While a good-quality downpipe installation goes a long way, it is advisable to check regularly for damage to your downpipes. When you get your downpipes cleaned and inspected regularly, we can spot and treat minor issues there and then before they turn into a bigger problem. We believe a timely downpipe repair saves your roof from permanent damage that would ultimately cost a hefty amount to get resolved.

Things to look out for:

All these signs indicate your downpipe is asking for attention. No matter how complex or simple the problem is, we can handle it diligently.

Get rust-proof and low maintenance Colorbond downpipe for your roof

If you try saving a little by installing low-quality downpipes for your roof drainage system, you’ll end up in a distressing situation. Our roofers prefer Colorbond over regular roofing materials. This is because when it comes to the most suitable roofing material for Australian weather, Colorbond outclasses all others. It is not only rust-resistant but also low maintenance and comes in a variety of colours so you get the freedom to match it with your exterior.

If you are tired of your property’s leaking downpipe, or you are a builder dedicated to delivering the best constructions in Melbourne, you certainly have to consider Procoll Roofing for all your roofing needs. Our qualified roof plumbers install the finest roof guttering system to keep your roofs free from rainwater damage with Colorbond downpipe installation. We not only work for small projects but also work in close association with other trades for large-scale building projects.

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Four Steps For Downpipe Crisis Control

With Procoll Roofing, you are just four steps away from a fully functioning downpipe:

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