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Box Gutter Repairs for Pre-Installed Box Gutters, Roof Flashing and Roof Capping in Melbourne

Box gutters are rain gutters installed on roofs of commercial buildings or residential roofs with a larger area. They are also installed in areas where two roofs join. Box gutters work like open drains that carry large amounts of water to prevent roof cavity from flooding as a result of heavy rainfall.

Box gutters are tailor-made according to the flow of water they have to carry, which then goes into the downpipes. These downpipes transport the water into the drainage system and work to prevent leaks and damage.

Repairs to Existing Box Gutters

Do you have damaged box gutters in need of a repair? Our qualified tradesmen will come to your site and carefully inspect your roof. From there we will give you our recommendation on what the scope of the repair will be.

If repair work will get your box gutter working like new, why install a new one?
Box gutter repairs rarely require an installation of a brand new guttering system. Repairs can be made to damaged areas only, and when they are carried out by our trained professionals, will last you a long time. With minimal architectural work and labour, our gutter repair service can save you thousands of dollars.

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Roof Flashing And Why Is It Important

Roof flashings are installed to direct water away from the roof valleys, walls, and chimneys to prevent it from ruining your property. Without a proper roof flashing water can seep through the joints in your roof, causing water damage to the inside of your home or commercial property.
To make your roof joints watertight, roof flashing is an indispensable part of roofing systems.

Procoll Roofing can install and repair the roof flashing of your property to avoid the most common causes of leaks. With the wide range of colours and material to choose from- stainless steel, copper, zinc, to aluminium, you can ensure your roof flashing adds to the aesthetics of your property.

We also provide roof capping with our roofing services to ensure sure tight seal on your roof.

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When working to fix your roof flashing, we carefully remove damaged pieces of flashing and gently remove any asphalt cement. This ensures no damage is caused to the underlying roof parts and structure. Our repairs and installs will leave your property mess-free and looking great!

At Procoll Roofing, we work with the building industry, commercial property owners and residential customers. Our areas of service include South, East and North Melbourne.

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